Ekofarma Bošina


Ekofarma Bošina is located in the region Broumovsko, in the Protected Landscape Area, in a small village of 465 meters above sea level. A surrounded area is full of interesting natural beauty places – such as Broumov rocks and Teplice - Adršpach rocks. The total size of the farm is 370 ha, from which is 70 ha rented land. The farm is mainly engaged in breeding and crossbreeding Salers meat cattle and breeding pigs Mangalica. Complementary breeding is poultry. Many other farm animals are also kept in the Children’s Farm.

The farm holds a BIO PRODUCTS CERTIFICATE of the KEZ control organization and a BROUMOVSKO Regional Product certificate.

Women on the farm usually do accounting and cook. They simply provide the background, but women can take care of the sale from the yard if they produce something, or organize educational excursions for children or even adults if they have something to show. Experience agrotourism is great! Personally I would love to start to organize holiday stays on the farm for children. Children would be in charge of feeding the animals in the children’s farm, taking care of them, preparing the feed, bedding, just everything about farming. Collecting eggs, growing vegetables… But those who have a little dairy can organize courses in the production of cheese and yogurt.. There is a lot what women can do or start with!



Lucie Bošinová

Age Range



University degree (pedagogical faculty)





Vernéřovice 248, Protected Landscape Area Broumovsko, region Náchod.

Farm Area in ha

370 ha (300 own land, 70 rented).

Date since when the female entrepreneur owns/rents the farm:


Nº of workers on the farms

Family members Other than family members
1 4



Family members Other than family members
2 2



Family members Other than family members



Farm description

The farm has been running as organic since the beginning of their family entrepreneurship in the year 2001. On the farm they are breeding cows, pigs and poultry.

Since 2014 they have been processing their own production (slaughter, cutting plant, meat sale). They provide slaughtering, cutting and packaging of meat to other farmers from the surrounding area. In 2017 they started to produce their own sausages in organic quality and opened a Farmers’ shop on the farm. Until then, they were selling organic matured beef directly from the cutting plant.

Since 2014 they organize Farming Celebrations (one with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, one with financial support of the region Hradec Králové and Region for APF CR Náchodsko, otherwise in our own direction), in 2018 they organized a charity event on the farm called Cinematograph Brothers Čadík – movie screening for the public in the open air.

Website and social networks accounts


On the farm they are organizing social and educational events (such as Farmers’ festivities, open-air cinema, career counseling for primary and nursery schools, running a children’s farm).

The children’s farm is available to tourists and customers all year round with educational and educational tasks for children and adults alike. The farm also organizes professional and lay excursions with tasting organic food for Czech and foreign participants.

For the event “Farmers festivities” they also invite farmers and producers from the surrounding area to sell their products on the farmers’ market and present their crafts. In an entertaining way, they acquaint visitors with the operation of the farm, animal husbandry and the production of organic food, disseminate awareness of organic farming, and offer snacks from organic food. For this kind of event they employ temporary workers directly from village and the surrounding area.

The motivation for them was to introduce organic farming and people who deal with farming to the general public. Show them organic livestock farming, how organic food is produced, what is the difference between organic and conventional industrial production and meet face to face with potential customers and farm visitors.


The main reason for organizing, for example, Farmers’ feasts or excursions on the farm is to enlighten and familiarize with organic farming and production of organic food. “Raising” public and children as potential prospective farmers or customers (livestock farming, organic food production, tasting quality food, buying farm products etc.), getting to know and be more close to the end customers. But organizing, for example, Farmers’ Celebrations has also a social impact. Every year, people from towns and villages meet on the farm and have close contact with nature and animals. People from the village are looking forward to cultural experiences and to being actively involved in the organization of the event (sale at the stalls, preparation of refreshments, assistance at stands with tasks and competitions for children, etc.).

Multifunctional activities brought to the farm the possibility of higher product prices, access to a wider market, establishing contacts and cooperation with other farmers, winning various awards such as: Regional Food of the Hradec Králové Region 2017, Award for Outstanding Contribution of the Region, Harvest Festival of the Hradec Králové Region, title Private Farm of the Hradec Králové Region, Award for Contribution to the Development of EVVO in the Hradec Králové Region in 2016, BROUMOVSKO Regional Product, etc...

Mrs Bošinová attended many educational courses which cover areas such as: sustainable farming, multifunctional agriculture, countryside development, preservation of the cultural heritage, food production, product launch, food labeling.

Mrs Bošinová also attended abroad training under Erasmus+ programme in Tuscany, with a focus on direct sale and in Scotland focused on animal welfare.

Demand of organic products and products from the farm.
Own land (80% of the total area of the farm).
Help of the family.
Experience of managing farm (19 years).
Processing of own products.
Lack of quality employees.
Dependence on subsidies.
Possibility of transporting quality organic food to larger cities.
Development of tourism in the region Broumovsko.
Use of marketing.
Cooperation with wholesalers.
Threats to cattle and sheep breeding by wolf, increased costs of
preventive measures.
African swine fever virus threat to pig breeding.
Illegal meat market.
Increasing land prices.