In this section you will find interesting training related to different aspects of entrepreneurship in rural areas, that will provide you with the knowledge needed to start and manage your own business linking multifunctional activities and rural cultural heritage.

Below, you can see the contents index and the introductory video of each module. Once you access a module you will find:

  • An overview and the learning objectives (in terms of Knowledge, Skills and Competences acquired) of the module;
  • The training module’s detailed contents;
  • The module’s conclusions;
  • A few questions to stimulate your own reflection about the module’s contents and to make you think about possible application of the competences acquired to your context;
  • Self-assessment exercises;
  • References and links to deepen the knowledge of the module’s topic.

Throughout each module you can find references to the practical experiences gathered in the case studies.
You can customise the learning experience according to your pace and needs: you can take a quick look over all the contents or carefully study the modules one by one.

Enjoy learning with REWARD!

1. New opportunities for rural areas

2. Multifunctional farming

3. Rural and farming cultural heritage

1. Motivation for entrepreneurship

2. Entrepreneurship opportunities

3. Innovation and start-up in multifunctional farming

4. Innovation and start-up in rural cultural heritage

1. Introduction of management in multifunctional farming activities and manager ethics

2. Role and work of manager in multifunctional farming activities

3. Planning and implementation of multifunctional farming

4. Monitoring of multifunctional farming and leading

1. Strategy and Communication Plan

2. Market Analysis

3. Internal Communication

4. Know your clients

5. Marketing Mix

1. Introduction to the professional-family life balance

2. Identification of the affected groups

3. Importance of balanced professional-family life

4. Benefits of a professional-family life balance

5. Examples of measures which support the balance of family, work and personal life

6. Challenges and gaps in achieving professional-family life

7. Ways to address the challenges

8. Highlighting the difference in the situation of rural women

9. How does the European Union address gender discrimination within the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)?

10. How to achieve a professional-family life balance

11. Barriers to reconciliation & how to prevent them